Sept 2015 NEWS – LagoonQUBE

This system is designed to go over slurry lagoons to remove rainwater and extract biogas with minimal labour input and will be a cost effective method of harvesting bio gas for use in CHP's and heating. LagoonQUBE is a flexible, removable cover, operating as a digester floating on a lagoon or open tank. See CASE STUDY "PARKHAM FARM" for further information on the lagoonQUBE....

lagoonQUBE 1



JULY 2015 NEWS – Pipeline AD Installation Project for British Sugar

QUBE are currently manufacturing a quickQUBE for British Sugar which is due for installation in Lakenheath during August 2015. The quickQUBE has a 55m³ internal capacity with a 9kW output through the use of a CHP engine. It is being run as a feedstock test system for wastes that derive from sugar production and horse manure. The digester will be approx. 6.5m diameter and 2m in height with ten sides. The electricity generated will be used onsite with the potential to export to the grid.
Now up and running ( October 2015) see our case studies for more information.


British Sugar


JULY 2015 NEWS – North Yorkshire Micro AD Installation in planning

Currently in planning is a 40kW micro AD installation for a North Yorkshire Horse Racing business . The installation will total approx. 451m² and consist of a 19 sided QuickQUBE digester. Waste produced on site will be equestrian derived wastes at approximately 750 tonnes per year. Horse manure will be placed into the digester which will have a reactor volume of 200m³. The digester will be used 24/7 to power the stables and supplement water heating.

JUNE 2015 NEWS – Demonstrator QuickQUBE Up and Running

Our new 5m³ QuickQUBE demonstrator is now up and running and producing gas. This was installed at our yard in May 2015 and is currently seeding and should be producing high percentage methane shortly.... Exciting times ahead!!!
Andrew Garner, Managing Director of AGE Renewables said " With AD previously only being available to larger producers of wastes Qube's smaller and expandable designs make them more cost effective to the smaller business or community scheme. Our vision is that if every farm, company and property installed a small scale digester they could become more self sufficient, reducing the demand on the utilities, lessening the need for fossil fuels and reducing the need for fracking. The units can supplement the energy needs of businesses and communities whilst dramatically reducing greenhouse gases and carbon emissions. A win win situation for everybody."