What is lagoonQUBE

Developed by QUBE Renewables Ltd, lagoonQUBE is a flexible cover that operates as a digester, floating on a lagoon or open top tank to collect biogas and importantly rainwater.

LagoonQUBE has been designed to float on top to allow operating levels to vary, so as stores are filled and emptied during the year the system will rise and fall. Heating and mixing equipment is suspended from the floating lagoonQUBE to enhance the natural biogas production processes, which is captured in the dome and used for onsite heat and power generation. Rain water landing on the cover area is captured and pumped from the cover. The biogas from each lagoonQUBE can be collected and used in small scale CHPs, or in biogas boilers for hot water generation.

For lagoons that change in size and shape, lagoonQUBE comes in modular hexagonal units that can be interlinked together to form a cover across the whole of the lagoon. As the lagoon is emptied the covers “beach” themselves on the banks, as the lagoon is refilled the covers float up again. For slurry stores, lagoonQUBE is made to fit the internal diameter of the store.

lagoonQUBE 2

Who is lagoonQUBE for?

✓ Livestock farms with slurry systems
✓ Post digestion storage
✓ Waste water treatment plant – it also stops evaporation

For all lagoonQUBE enquiries please e mail green@agecltd.co.uk or call 01677 427614

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