Electrical Switchgear Installations & Maintenance

Andrew Garner Electrical Contractor Ltd can carry out all manner of installation works from control cabling and relay works through to the provision of high voltage ring-main systems and private networks. This includes the supply and installation of all high and low voltage switchgear, transformers, GRP housing, cabling and earthing. Upon completion of all the installation works, we also undertake all necessary commissioning testing prior to energisation.
Examples of recent works include:
  • New Package Substations for MOD sites, including upgrade of 22 HV Transformers to SF6 Units.
  • HV Maintenance and Repairs at various locations.
  • Installation of HV Distribution Systems on various Wind Farms across the UK.
For further information call the office on 01677 427614 or e mail info@agecltd.co.uk

HV Substation Roscarnick Farm